A guide for social care practitioners, Jill Ferguson and Val Laurie (2015, British Institute of Learning Disability)

This book tells the poignant story of Stephane’s care during the final three years of his life and how the staff who supported him, the medical team, his family and friends worked together to care for him both in life and death. This practice guide explains sensitively how Stephane’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs were met, taking into account the impact of his autism on his understanding and response to his cancer. The authors, Jill Ferguson and Val Laurie, work for Scottish Autism and have written this inspiring book to share their learning so that other teams can deliver peaceful, pain free and dignified end of life care to individuals with autism.

We are delighted that the authors of this important book will be presenting their work at the 2016 SARG seminar.


Autism: An Integrated View From Neurocognitive, Clinical and Intervention Research

(2008, Wiley-Blackwell)

This book is the outcome of a two-year SARG seminar series, funded by the British Psychological Society. It provides a platform for sharing some of the most recent research findings within an integrated context, offering a balanced representation of topics, from fMRI to naturalistic intervention.